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The 14 Best Barber Shops in Edmonton [2023]

Whether you’re looking for a new barber or just want to try out a new shop, Edmonton has plenty of great places where you can get your hair cut. In this article, we will share with you our list of the 14 best barber shops in Edmonton.

We have included a variety of different shops, so there is something for everyone! We hope that you find this list helpful and that it leads you to a great barbershop experience.

1) Barber Ha

The traditional, yet modern Barber Ha is an authentic and memorable experience for Edmonton men. With trained barbers that specialize in straight shaves or beard shaping you will get the best cut possible; it’s no wonder why Edmonton loves them! 

They are proud of how much care goes into each service they provide while offering premium quality products at affordable prices – all backed by superior customer service from experienced professionals who know their stuff inside out.

The barbershop is a place where men go to chat about life, laugh together and get their heads shaped by professional stylists who know how it should be done. Barber Ha has set the benchmark for excellence in Edmonton with its modern yet traditional style of shaves that will leave you looking sharp without any worries or stress! 

With trained professionals who specialize in traditional straight shaves, clean cuts, beard or mustache shaping; Barber ha has quickly become one of downtown’s most sought after spots for men looking to get pampered with an excellent quality cut from someone qualified!

Business Information:
10011 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z2, Canada

Customer Review:
“Robin was an absolute gem! He listened to what I wanted and delivered, the space is clean and welcoming, everyone is friendly, it's a place you can go and feel included. Good vibes all round. I was in Edmonton looking at apartments and jobs with the potential of moving here, Robin was one of the people the helped me make that decision and gave me good information on the city. I appreciated his conversation and friendliness just as much as the haircut he gave me.”
- Sam H
“First time visit and I was introduced to Trevor, one of their newer barbers, he was very meticulous, listened to all my requests, and checked in periodically throughout to make sure that I was satisfied. Extremely friendly and easy to talk to guy! Full props to the entire team for making me feel super comfortable. Haircut looks great, will definitely be back!”
- Ryan Yip

2) Erican Barber Shop & Salon

The classic barbershop experience you love is back in style. Erican Barber shop & salon, Edmonton’s gem for all-time traditional shaves and cuts along with beard/mustache work is open, giving city dwellers an opportunity to restore their reputation as top gentlemen!

It’s hard to miss the classic vibe of Erican Barber shop & salon. It’s a perfect place for relaxing after a working day! 

You’ll be able to enjoy their trained professionals who specialize in traditional straight shaves (and beard/mustache shaping), clean cuts from neckline down plus facial hairstyles like fades that will make you look your finest. 

They also offer an array of men’s care products so there’s something every man can use – no matter what you prefer.

Business Information:
10994 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H8, Canada

Customer Review:
“Staff was friendly, prompt and professional. I had a great experience there — no problems at all. The haircut was pretty darn good too, and got quite a few compliments. Don’t see myself going to another barbershop anytime soon. Think I found my spot here!”
- Joshua Littlejohn
“If you're looking to get the best fade and cut, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. I've been to far too many barbers in the city who don't take their craft seriously/ rush your haircut. Glad to have found this gem. I personally go to Abel, but you can't go wrong with his brother Awet either. This place has my business for life!”
- ustin Torres

3) Billy’s Barber & Hairstylists

Billy’s Barber & Hairstylists barbershop has two professional stylists working together. Billy has been providing men with stylish cuts and styles for over 14 years. 

His educational background includes several advanced haircutting classes, giving him a fair advantage when it comes to styling your hair or beard in a way that will make you feel confident about yourself all day long! 

A motto of Billy’s which he never tires telling people is “I won’t let anyone – or their  hair – down”.

AJ is one-of-a-kind when it comes down to making clients feel good and look awesome. He’s not only professionally trained on cutting hair but also enjoys building great relationships while working – which makes him even more valuable than most other professionals out there today.

Business Information:
10809 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Talented barber, friendly guy, great price! I’ll be back for a trim every time I’m in town.”
- Owen Milburn
“I've had my hair/beard cut here on a couple occasions, each time has been a fantastic experience. I've had trouble finding a go-to barber shop for a while but I'm happy to say I've settled with Billy's shop.”
- Ryan Lummer

4) Goldbar Barber Shop

Goldbar Barber Shop has been a top-notch barber in Edmonton since 2000. Their team offers unparalleled beauty pampering, but also respects their clients’ busy schedules and will get them looking fabulous as soon as possible! 

Their expert team’s mission is to make all of the customers feel their best. Whether it be an appointment or walk-in service, they have got what will make both those options more manageable for their client by making sure that all of the stress melts away thanks to their professional service.

Business Information:
5028 106 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 1E9, Canada

Customer Review:
“Seriously loved getting my hair cut here. The main dude is super friendly and his mother gave me a great cut! Put lots of care and pride into their work and paid attention to the little details. Even though I live 80km away now, I will definitely be going back to this place!”
- Mason
“Ray does an awesome job at an even better price.”
- Shane Fralick

5) Dollhouse Hair Boutique & Barber Blonde

Dollhouse Hair Boutique & Barber Blonde is home to the finest stylists in Edmonton. They have been in the business since 2011, and have over 35 years combined experience working with hair! 

Having traveled around the world while working closely alongside industry leaders has made them passionate and dedicated people who really care about providing you all those awesome kick-ass haircuts every time! 

They are forever students who create a fun environment for you with something new and topical every time.

Business Information:
9851 70 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0V6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Lois is absolutely amazing. She’s super sweet, talented; and ridiculously helpful. I always feel great after I see her. She asks all the right questions about my hair and really listens to my answers. She doesn’t push my boundaries too hard but adds exciting little new things to keep it fresh and modern. I adore her. The aesthetic here is incredible, and I find something new every time I come. All of the staff seem really nice and everyone has fantastic hair and style.”
- AJ Martin
“Always look forward going to Dollhouse/Barber Blonde as all of the staff there are amazing, friendly, fun, and beautiful people. They do an amazing job, and definitely have a repeat customer in me. If you're thinking of going for the first time, I would highly recommend that you do!”
- Chris Chan

6) Fades and Blades Barbershop

Fades and Blades Barbershop is a team of barbers specialized in providing high-quality haircuts, beard trimming and hot shaves. Their goal is to leave all their guests happy with every visit! They are here to make all your dreams come true. 

From the classic, trendy or old-school cuts you want – Fades and Blades Barbershop can do it! Along with fades done in any style imaginable and barber shop treatments like hot shaving, straight razor lineups (for those who prefer this type), beard trims etc. 

There’s nothing their clients won’t love about them so stop by today! Whatever you want to be done right now (and for years down the road), come see the seasoned professionals at Fades and Blades Barbershop.

Business Information:
11320 132 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 1A1, Canada

Customer Review:
“Abdully is a very experienced and reliable barber, he always makes sure to give you exactly what you want and makes sure you are satisfied before you leave his shop. The cuts have been consistent ever since I started coming and he is definitely my guy.”
- Sameer Murtaza
“Best haircut of my life. Went here on a whim and after getting so many compliments I have no choice but to keep coming. Even had another hairstylist in the street stop me and ask who cut my hair”
- Rob

7) Mr. Barber Hamptons

Customers’ satisfaction is of paramount interest for Mr. Barber Hamptons. That’s why they make a conscious effort to provide you with the best service and create moments worth remembering until the next visit! 

Their Executive Straight Razor Shaves, Premium Haircuts, and Detox Treatments are designed by barbers who understand what it takes for a regular guy to feel and look his best on a daily basis.

When you walk into any of Mr. Barber Hamptons’ locations, the staff will warmly greet and offer a refreshing drink. Their Barbers are friendly professionals who would love to give your hair the best cut possible! 

Mr. Barber Hamptons pride themselves on providing only the finest grooming supplies to their customers with a variety of award-winning shaving, hair and body care solutions created from only high quality ingredients so you can get those results the real men desire!

Business Information:
19922 Lessard Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 0T9, Canada

Customer Review:
“This place was great. Legit barbershop, I was in around Christmas so it was busy but they had 4 or 5 guys in there cutting and things were moving quickly. Alex helped me out and i left with an awesome cut and beard. Previously had to go to the Northside to get a decent barber, this is my new place now”
- Jake Stuchlik
“I’ve been coming here since they opened. Won’t go anywhere else. Fantastic crew here. Top notch service every time.”
- Jay Forsyth

8) Duggan Barbershop & Hair Styling

Duggan Barbershop & Hair Styling is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for great value for your money. The staff are friendly and provide a family environment that makes you feel like part of the community. Plus, with over years-long history, Duggan has only grown more popular while still maintaining its former charm – making it feel even more intimate than ever before! 

You’ll never have a bad cut here because every hair stylist knows how important looking good is when going out into public.

Business Information:
3907 106 St, Edmonton, AB T6J 2S3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Owner is a great guy who I have been getting to cut my hair for 16 years. Treats all of his customers very well and has great employees as well. Always welcoming and kind.”
- Devan Markey
“Very popular barbershop in the city. The lady hairdresser can do any type of haircut or hairstyle. Very clean and precise work.”
- Ronnie Gomez

9) Compound Cut Club

Here at Compound Cut Club, the staff is always ready to ensure that you look fresh for any occasion. Their dedication has been the key ingredient in their success. Their dedication in the art is what sets them apart from other places – they want their clients’ hair to look perfect no matter how formal or casual they are going out

It’s good to have a barber near you with that expertise of Compound Cut Club. They provide all the services from tapes to full face shaves, high fades and beard styling! 

So if it’s an upcoming event or just everyday freshness that needs fixing then stop by on your way through town because Compound Cut Club has what every man deserves at his disposal.

Business Information:
10652 98 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2N7

Customer Review:
“My barber, Paolo, is highly skilled and very personable. His fade skills are impeccable and I am always very pleased with his cuts. In addition to being an amazing barber, he is a pleasure to speak to. I always look forward to my haircuts. Compound Cut Club is like family, and Paolo and his team always make me feel welcome.”
- Richard Dorado
“Hands down, the best barbershop in Edmonton! I've been getting my hair cut here for a while now and all the barbers are awesome. If you want a fresh fade, nice trim, and good laughs, ask for Jules at Compound. He goes above and beyond and takes the time to give the best cut possible, while engaging in great conversation. 5/5 would recommend.”
- Richard Truong

10) Capone's Barbershop

Ali at Capone’s Barbershop is without question your man for a great haircut on the west side. He’s not just an expert with his shears, but also takes care in what he does – and it definitely shows in all of those amazing fades that make him so popular among clients! 

You can’t go wrong with good vibes from start to finish, great price and a great choice of music. If you’ve tried the service here at least once, then you’ll be visiting this barbershop again soon enough!

Business Information:
14724 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5N 3S4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Very professional, Very good vibes, Amazing at cutting hair 10/10 "
- Layne Pearson
“Ali is a fantastic barber. Always warm and inviting when you enter his shop.”
- Don Mac (DeeDoo)

11) City Barber Windermere

City Barber Windermere is the place to go for a fantastic haircut! Owner Aladdin and his team make their customers feel like family and give them great cuts every time. In addition, this salon has been respectful of their customer’s money – their prices are fair for what you get. 

The staff here are professional, personable, and knowledgeable – they will make you feel like family while also looking sharp themselves!

Business Information:
5590 Windermere Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6W 2Z8, Canada

Customer Review:
“Professional, personable and knowledgeable. I've been coming here for 5 months, and I won't be going anywhere else at this point.”
- Devon Pollock
“The owner Aladdin is awesome. Great level of skill and a very kind hearted human who always listens. He is indeed a professional at what he does. Thank you"
- Rahim Hajee

12) Barber Squad

The Barber Squad strives to give their clients what they need: high-quality haircuts, beard trims and shaves with an enjoyable experience at every visit! Their team of skilled barbers/front desk staff members has extensive training in order for them to provide you the best possible service no matter what. 

The mission statement behind this establishment would be “to create client satisfaction through providing only top notch services”. 

They are committed to providing a great customer service experience. Their team of barbers and staff are carefully selected for their dedication, focus on detailed training that ensures your needs will be met in the best possible way!

Business Information:
10708 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6P4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Great experience here! They took their time with my cut and totally impressed me with what they could do that super cuts or any run of the mill barber shop could just never ever do. Ask for a guy named Kim real solid dude and great with what he does”
- Connor Adlington
“Would highly recommend!! This place is the real deal very professional and I walked out with my expectations met and exceeded. I am very particular about my fade as I keep my hair extremely short and they NAILED IT also lined up my beard I left looking 5yr younger. Support these dudes good barbers are hard to find...”
- Matt B

13) Black Forest Barber Shop

Black Forest Barber Shop is the perfect place for a trim, shave and shape. If you’re looking to get your haircut like a real gentleman then this barber shop has everything you need! They offer not only great barber cuts but also top-class customer service that will leave any man feeling satisfied. 

One of the barbers, Cody, frequently gives his clients all sorts of useful advice about styling and hair care – so you can go in there confident knowing that you’ll be leaving with more than just a fresh new cut.

Business Information:
9910 137 Ave NW #103, Edmonton, AB T5E 6W1, Canada

Customer Review:
“Wow, I'm blown away, my haircut looks amazing! Never had a better cut, It's modern, stylish and attention to details. I would put my my haircut up, but I'm camera shy. The place looks amazing, definitely shows the owner (Jason)invested alot of money into the business, never seen a barber this nice. I highly recommend this place to anyone that can make the drive, Jason is one of the best if not the best in town. Great job Jason, Thank you!”
- Johnny Leung
“Such an amazing experience. Jason and Cody have truly brought the Gentleman’s Barber into the 21st century, and I really couldn’t be happier. Cody cut my hair, and he was very personable and made me look the slickest I’ve looked in years. Highly recommend!!”
- Jayden Orsten

14) Mast Hair Oliver

MAST modern barbershops are the perfect place to go for all your essential fashion and grooming needs. They’re open to anyone, men and women, so feel free to swing by any of their locations! Plus, they offer a variety of services that include great products that smell fantastic too. 

Both appointments and walk-ins are welcome at MAST – no need to wait around for hours on end just to get your hair done properly.

Business Information:
10123 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9, Canada

Customer Review:
“Needed a trim before the holidays and I thought I’d try Mast because my fiancé spoke highly of it. Took a tiny risk as I’m a female going to a barbershop but Taylor was amazing! She was so detailed with my layers and gave me nice beachy waves! I was in and out in an hour! Highly recommend!"
- Leslie
“I loved the vibe of this place and will definitely be returning for my next cut. It's modern ambiance combined with chill music makes for a comforting experience. This shop has everything I was looking for in a haircut, right from the beginning to the end. Give your stylist a solid idea of what you want and then trust them. I got my hair done by Tas and she did a phenomenal job. Lovely human being and easy to talk to. Go here!”
- Jon Baguio
FAQs About Wedding Dresses
The price varies depending where you go and what kind of services you want. The average cost of a standard haircut ranges between $40 to $70. Another factor that can influence the cost of the haircut is the stylist’s experience and the complexity of your treatment.
There is no exact answer because it all depends on your hair goals. You could want either short hair or long hair or have a specific style you want every month. Many things play a role in your decision but the best thing is to figure out what hairstyle you feel happy in.
There are a variety of styles men could try out, here are some options you can choose from; undercut, buzz cut, crew cut, caesar cut, french crop, comb over, side part and so much more. Choose whatever style that suits you best.
When they are asking for constant feedback. They are not just doing it for the money but actually care about the style of your hair and you being satisfied with the result.They ask questions to help improve their technique so the next time, they can do better.

There are many great barber shops in Edmonton, but the 14 listed above are some of the best. These establishments offer quality haircuts and grooming services at an affordable price. 

So if you’re looking for a new barber or just want to try out a new shop, be sure to check out one of these places!