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How Do We Choose The Best Businesses in Edmonton?

At Edmonton Classics, we take a lot of pride in the businesses that we recommend to our readers. We realize that every city has its own unique set of businesses and services, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.
Our team of researchers carefully evaluates each business using a variety of factors. Some businesses are evaluated more harshly than others, but one thing that every company on our list has in common is its commitment to providing the best possible products or services. You can trust that all of our recommendations are truly top-of-the-line.

When choosing the best business in Edmonton we use the following criteria



This is an obvious one, but no business on our list has a reputation for providing sub-par products or services. All of Edmonton's best are known for consistently delivering the very best experience to their customers.


Cost of Products/Services

High quality comes at a price, but in most cases, the prices quoted by our businesses are actually quite reasonable when you consider what you're getting.


Customer Service

Customer service is just as important (if not more important) than the actual product or service itself. If the people who work in your business are rude and unhelpful, there's no way that we'll recommend them.


Service Area

Some businesses are only available to certain regions of the city. The businesses that we've chosen are ones that have a high demand throughout the entire city, not just one particular area.


Customer Feedback

This is one area where our research department really shines. We contact hundreds of customers to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their experience. If there are any customer complaints, they will be reflected in the business's score.

So, if you’re wondering how to find the best business in Edmonton, look no further than our list! We guarantee that one of our businesses will meet or exceed all of your expectations.
If you like us to review your business please reach out and we will be happy to see if it is a fit for our readership.