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The 6 Best Dry Cleaners in Edmonton [2023]

When it comes to keeping your clothes looking their best, dry cleaning is the way to go. Not only does it remove tough stains and dirt that you can’t get out at home, but it also helps preserve the fabric and color of your garments.

Edmonton has a number of great dry cleaners, but we’ve compiled a list of our 6 favorites for you! All these businesses offer high-quality services at reasonable prices, so you can be sure your clothes are in good hands.

1) Holyrood Drycleaners & Tailors

Holyrood Drycleaners and Tailors is a family-owned business that has been providing high quality service since 2006. They offer professional tailoring, as well as environmentally friendly dry cleaning right in the store! 

The free pickup/delivery is available for those living in Edmonton or surrounding areas. They are experts in leather/suede cleanings, alongside with wedding gowns care. 

Their personal approach and kind attitude towards every unique working situation is highly praised among their clients.

Business Information:
9020 75 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 2H4, Canada

Customer Review:
“I had a dress that was stained and wrinkled that I needed cleaned and pleated. I needed it last minute for a wedding and the staff went above and beyond to make it happen. The dress came back in less than 24 hrs cleaned and pleated and I was amazed at how great it looked. The price was extremely fair and I will be recommending this place to everyone I know.”
- Shannon Durand
“Very affordable and excellent tailoring. Excellent work on a bridesmaid dress. Dry cleaning is very good and they gave me next day pick up for all dry cleaning items.”
- Jas Singh

2) Page The Cleaner and Tailor

Page The Cleaner is a family-owned dry cleaner in Edmonton that has been around for over 80 years, operating in Edmonton since 1935. They have stores across Alberta and offer pick up and drop off service, which means you can get your clothes delivered right at home or office without paying an extra charge! 

Page The Cleaner offers unmatched courteous and professional delivery people. One of their Page Valet staff will be happy to come pick up your home or workplace – no need to leave your house or go out of the way! 

Plus, they cover all types of repairs & alterations – so if anything ever goes wrong with any piece of clothing you’ve brought them, don’t worry because they’ll take care of it for you. Page The Cleaner always puts the community first by giving back whenever possible.

Business Information:
11 Bellerose Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 5C9, Canada

Customer Review:
“The staff here is outstanding. Frankly, I don’t care if other cleaners are cheaper, these people are a pleasure deal with.”
- The E-Rs
“I brought my wedding dress here to be cleaned after wearing it and I'm so glad I did. My dress was fairly dirty after an outdoor wedding (dirt, leaves, who knows what else). It came back looking brand new! Not only that, it was ready in only a week and was very nicely packaged. Listah was such a wonderful person to deal with - so kind and eager to help. She explained everything very clearly and was so pleasant. She made my experience that much better!”
- Cassandra Ayres

3) Tony The Tailor & Dry Cleaner

Tony the Tailor is the family company that has been in business for more than 28 years. Since 2019 the company has been run by Kieu “Q”, the great granddaughter of company’s founder Tony Wong. Kieu worked with some of Australia’s most well-known retailers such as Holts, Blu’s, Tip Top, Harry Rosen, Mr Big & Tall! Kieu is committed to ensuring your clothes fit perfectly – she knows her trade better than anyone else could ever hope too.

She specializes in both men’s and women’s wear, provides free consultations and gives honest advice on all tailoring inquiries or dry cleaning needs you might have.

Business Information:
10172 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Amazing service. The staff were professional, quick, and knowledgeable about alterations. They were able to alter my sari blouse the same day!! I am forever grateful for their help! They even steamed my blouse so I could look awesome for my event. Thank you so so much.”
- S Remtulla-Wilson
“I went in to get a new suit hemmed - Jacket sleeve length as well as pant hemming and width adjustment. They were very professional and reviewed everything with me at the end to ensure accuracy. Efficient beyond belief because it was done faster than I thought! My wife also got her leather jacket done here and it turned out perfect! Definitely an awesome place to go to!! Highly recommend.”
- William Kha

4) Tipaskan Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service & Alterations

Tipaskan Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service & Alterations uses dry cleaning machines that are kind to the environment, and they do a fabulous job! They specialize in Punjabi suits or sarees, work with men’s suits and jackets, clean furs, bridal gowns, evening wear and even deal with sports equipment.

Tipaskan Dry Cleaners is the perfect place to get your clothes cleaned, pressed and repaired. Here you can get your laundry done with free pick-up/delivery service. 

If you’re looking for someone who will be able to fix anything up without breaking the bank while getting excellent customer care – this will be your one-stop shop.

Business Information:
3212 82 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6K 3Y3, Canada

Customer Review:
“The best dry cleaner and tailors. Friendly staff who go above and beyond to help you. She fixed my coat within an hour and didn’t even charge me. I’m so impressed with the service. I won’t go anywhere else. Go here and you won’t be disappointed.”
- Dawn Cardinal
“Excellent service! I called in a panic after my son asked if I could wash his suit - just hours before grad. Friendly, efficient service and went above and beyond. Very reasonable prices and so happy we were able to get a rush for such an important event! Will absolutely recommend and will definitely bring our business back in the future!”
- Kat Rawluk

5) Ottewell Drycleaners & Tailoring

Looking for a dry cleaner that offers professional cleaning and inspection services? Ottewell Drycleaners & Tailoring is your go-to spot! With an environmentally safe process, they’ll take care of all garments from casual or business attire to  vintage pieces. 

And not only does this place provide high quality work but also guarantees a luxurious post-cleaning feeling thanks to using SOLVONK4 which leaves no residue or discoloration. 

Each garment is hand-inspected each time to make sure that everything has been cleaned to perfection.

Business Information:
6208 90 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0P2, Canada

Customer Review:
“Fast and efficient.. they do a great job of looking after my dry cleaning needs”
- Sherry Banack
“Amazing service, very straightforward opinions and answers, best pricing I've found for the types of garments I've brought to them for dry cleaning... All in all, anything I need dry cleaned and not just simply laundered, this is my go to shop! Thanks again for being so awesome!”
- Matt M

6) Mint Dry Cleaning Co.

Mint Dry Cleaning Co. is a local family owned business with over 30 years of dedication towards delivering high quality service which means that they are an expert when it comes to cleaning. 

They’ve modernized their equipment recently and use only eco-friendly cleaning methods. These techniques can be used to wash and clean delicate fabrics, fine textiles, or wool labeled “dry clean only”. 

Mint Dry Cleaning Co. has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. During these years they were carrying environmental responsibility by investing into biodegradable detergents that are safe for most surfaces. 

You’ll never feel bad about bringing here your favorite shirt because it will be washed or dry cleaned using safe chemicals that won’t damage its fibers or harm the planet like solvents would’ve done before.

Business Information:
11715 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0N3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Very prompt service with a quick turn around, with both cleaning and alterations being done in just over a week. Well worth the price. Fairly certain they are not wizards, but if they were, I wouldn't be surprised.”
- Chesterfield Rockwell
“Excellent counter staff customer service and highly recommended repair service! Great owners and competative prices !”
- Ashley Askewe
FAQs About Dry Cleaning
Here are a few great reasons you should go to the dry cleaners; preserve delicate fabrics, can remove tough stains, improve the longevity of your clothing, have professional knowledge and save you time. To keep the quality of your clothing, go to an expert to get it cleaned.
If you are unable to properly wash your clothes at home and unable to get rid of a stain, your best option is going to the dry cleaners. They help preserve the desirable qualities of many fabrics and help to prevent shrinking and stretching of your clothes. wledge and save you time. To keep the quality of your clothing, go to an expert to get it cleaned.
It depends on the clothing and how much you wear there. For dresses, pants, skirts, and shorts, you should dry clean after 2 uses. For jeans, it is best after 2 – 3 uses you can have them dry cleaned. When the machines at home can’t do the job, you can also send your clothes to the dry cleaners.
The cost is influenced by where the dry cleaners are located and how busy they are. The average cost ranges from $1 to $5 per shirt and up. The kind of clothing you want dry cleaned also plays a big role in the price.

When it comes to dry cleaning, Edmontonians have a lot of choices. However, not all dry cleaners are created equal. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 6 best ones in the city. 

These establishments offer quality service and affordable prices – so you can rest assured that your clothes will be handled with care. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy dry cleaner, be sure to check out one of these top-notch businesses!